Da ja bekanntermassen viele von uns auch Skaten mache ich hier mal Werbung fuer den "Best of Both III - Indoor Pool Contest" in Duesseldorf am 28 August.


Der "Old School" Pool-Contest findet am 28 August 2010 in der "Halle 44" auf der HANSAALLEE 321 statt. Praedikat "Jay Adams would go!!!".

Anbei der Originaltext:

"The ultimate indoor bowl competition in germany.top skaters from around the world battle it out in 2 different bowls:the newly done factory combi-pool and the omsa bowl.a big 3k prize purse,rockstar guitars and carhartt bikes make riders shred happyily for glory and bruises.big afterparty with booze and loud music.check out the flyer and make sure you don't miss this one" - Check out http://pavel-skates.com