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padma, at first
pictures from march till august, including 2 big swells on which Padma barreled big time
Ryan, on a shitty day with his crap board
Tonyo with wig
Danyel sunset time
Betet,  another pilot
Jeren,  finding some shade in the water
Yunus,  shaper of Free Pig boards,  showing that he knows what he talks abt
Damien, layback
Tonyo,  feeling at home
Bleronk, already smiling, like if he knew this wave was gonna break his board
Tonyo full power
What he calls a top-turn...  Tonyo
Ryan aka Suwet
Sandi Slamet aka Rojez
Betet,  still craving for AI
Blacky,  coming out of something creepy
Tonyo,  gettingg famous
Bol in close-up
Bol,  on Garuts board
Flying higher than the size of the wave itself...  Bol
Tonyo on a very small day
Damien,  flying with his eyes closed
Blacky,  relaxed
The day of Padang Padang contest,  still empty
Dylan on the first set
Ryan,  feeling the impact
Tonyo,  coming out...
Blacky,  no fear at all
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