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padma :)
Tonyo got a wildcard to join the Oakly Pro Junior World Championships, here on Bali @Pererenan and Keramas. In round2 he came in front of Nat Young, 2nd in ranking. Tonyo won. In round3 he had to surf against Jack Freestone, 1st in ranking. Tonyo made Jack go home... Round4 he lost but still, 2days no locals in the water coz too much party...
"That was sick" said Betet
Gobleg, 37,  still competing Open... " lazy to join Master,  makes me feel old"
Dylan,  every day in the water...  "i get sick if i don't surf 1day,  serious!"
Surfer at international level,  Dede Suryana
Charger from Nias,  Tangkius gets the shits of small waves
MoNot,  next year to Holland,  near to Domburg,  he'll make big eyes there
Rizqi,  no sponsor yet... always focussed on this one...
Bleronk goes shopping to discovery mall
Rizqi on his 4'10,  catching sunset light
Blacky,  shot from a far distance
Cix'wah,  also somewhere close to jayakarta,  shot from padma
Jeren lay-back as laidback as someone can be...
Mr Betet,  probably the best aerialer on Bali...
Sneaky shot of Gobleg
Bleronk, smiling as always,  you'd be smiling too if u pulled aerials like this...
IMG_6968 (Large)
Blacky,  in style
not all the locals are Indo,  here Teiki from France
Mo'not & Mr Hat
Dylan,  makin clouds
the Tonyo move,  copyrighted
And the sponsor pays for the broken boards...  Tonyo,  going to high...
DeDe S.  makin shit waves goodlooking
Saplar...  no sponsor as well,  clock's ticking,  he's 17y
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