Stormider Wellenreiten/Surf Community mit Forum und Gallerie

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the groms
The groms, 12 years old or younger, they are the future… For some of them, surfing brings a better future. Febri’s story for example, As a young kid, having a pour Javanese background, his parents made him collect empty plastic bottles at the beach. He saw other kids surf, borrowed a board and practiced a bit every day. Tipi Jabrik from the Indonesian Surfing Community spotted his talent and gave him a board. Febri joined the local contests, now he’s sponsored so he can start a normal living, going to school… Waiting for a wave, watching these kids rip, wondering, how long is it gonna take until one of them makes it into the worldchampionship…
Raju,  the kid without fear...
Raju looking for shelter...
Dian from pangandaran teasing Dani,  one of the youngest chargers
Dani,  too light to make a bigger spray
Febri kecil
Dani easily fits in the smallest barrel
Rio @ Halfway
Raju @ Padma
Dian testing his new board
Rio,  inspired by Dedi Santosa
Ketut, another superlight ripper
Raju,  as always, @ Padma
Febri, layback
Rio, allways in the air...
Dani,  so tiny
Yuki,  Rio's younger brother
Raju @ Padma,   making Kuta look closeby
Rio at sunset
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